My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece

Claude Monet

Meet Leon Kluge our Landscape Artist & Designer

Multiple Gold award winner at the prestigious Chelsea flower show held in London and representing Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Leon nurtured a great affinity for plants from an early age.  Being from a Horticulture and Landscape design family and having studied and travelled broadly, he was destined for international acclaim.  Leon has been invited to create his unique landscapes throughout the world and is the only landscape designer from Africa that has ever won the Gardening World Cup held in Nagasaki Japan. He has also been awarded best designer at the biggest Garden design event on earth held in the USA, The Philadelphia flower show.


We’ve focused on creating a simple and well-defined design that compliments the architectural elements of the property and enhances its functionality. White, blue, green and purple are our theme colours.


With both indigenous and international plant selection, we’ve focused on maintaining a flow of variety from the beautiful world that surrounds us to our inner WATERLINE sanctuary.


Balance and diversity are life philosophies we adhere to as responsible global citizens but also as design sensitive owners.  With four seasons we’ve focused on ensuring that there is visual richness during each part of the year and plants the bloom in the growing season.


Offsetting some of the modern architectural details, the garden softens and brings life to the home.  Our national flower is the protea and we are fortunate to have seven of the most rare and beautiful white Serurria accentuating the garden.


We’ve focused on size, shape and texture to create a seamless layering of flowers to soften and provide visual excitement and colour.

Scale & Proportion

The transition from the outside world to our inner sanctuary is designed to transition the mind to one of tranquillity and serenity.  This is achieved by the layout of the garden and the plant selection and how it all interrelates.


Enjoy the garden from wherever you are in the house and this unifies the experience for all who come our way to enjoy all that WATERLINE offers.

“Surrounded by sand, sea and sky, the house is a modern marvel of meditation and relaxation.”